BowWave Consulting - What we do

What we do

We comprise a team of marine and economic specialists offering a comprehensive array of expert consultancy services tailored to the needs of the marine industry.

BowWave Consulting - Small-scale & FSRU Terminals

Small-scale & FSRU Terminals

  • Project management of small-scale LNG terminal modifications
  • Providing technical consultancy for small-scale LNG terminals
  • Managing of charterers and marine terminal insurances
  • Conducting of compatibility studies
  • Supervising charterers vetting and MTMSA reviews
  • Arranging of HAZID and HAZOP workshops
  • Developing of nautical concepts for small-scale LNG and FSRU terminals
BowWave Consulting - Wave

LNG and other gaseous Marine Fuel

  • Providing technical management and support for ships using a gaseous marine fuel
  • Supervising of cool-down, gassing up and gas-freeing operations
  • Training and supporting crews and shore personnel with using a gaseous marine fuel
  • Training and support for commercial shore personnel understanding gaseous marine fuel bunker contracts
  • Executing various LNG calculations in accordance with industry standards
  • Developing performance monitoring tools when utilizing gaseous marine fuels
  • Evolving bunkering infrastructure and procedures for gaseous marine fuels (shore-to-ship, truck-to-ship or ship-to-ship)
  • Supporting in compatibility studies for gaseous marine fuel interfaces (shore-to-ship, truck-to-ship or ship-to-ship)
BowWave Consulting - LNG and other gaseous Marine Fuel
BowWave Consulting - Wave
BowWave Consulting - Shiphandling, Yacht Repositioning, Pilotage

Shiphandling, Yacht Repositioning, Pilotage

  • Conducting practical shiphandling training for all types of propulsion
  • Conducting deep-sea pilotage for all vessel types
  • Training of bridge teams
  • Conducting small craft repositioning
  • Conducting STS pilotage
BowWave Consulting - Wave

Economics, Risk Management & Internal Control Systems

  • Supporting in setting up an appropriate risk management and internal control system
  • Aiding in identification, assessment and mitigating of risks
  • Assisting in establishing appropriate risk reporting structures
  • Supporting in developing powerful organizational structures as well as guidelines and policies regarding risk management and internal control system
  • Contributing in setting up controlling and reporting structures
  • Delivering training in related questions
BowWave Consulting - Cooperate Governance & Risk Management / Controlling
BowWave Consulting - Wave
BowWave Consulting - Technical Ship Management

Technical Ship Management

  • Coordinating vetting procedures and response management
  • Supporting in TMSA reviews
  • Substituting or supporting HSSEQ positions
  • Conducting audits in accordance with ISM, ISPS, MLC 2006, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001
  • Development of navigation, mooring & anchoring and cargo related handbooks and procedures
  • Conducting incident investigations
  • Managing and supporting in P&I, H&M and FD&D claims